unyvero system

The Unyvero System

Rapid, sample-to-answer results. The Unyvero system uses powerful multiplex PCR technology to test for a wide variety of microorganisms and antibiotic resistance markers. Unyvero is simple to use and takes ~2 minutes of hands-on time. There is no sample pre-treatment or processing. Results are displayed on-screen and can be integrated into your LIS/EHR system.

The Unyvero Advantage

Pneumonia can be treated more effectively with early recognition and targeted antibiotic therapy, using the Unyvero molecular syndromic testing.

Unyvero Workflow

With three basic steps and about 2 minutes of hands-on time, using Unyvero is simple. From sample processing to cartridge assembly and analysis, manual steps are minimized. Fewer manual steps means faster, more reliable results.

Unyvero System

A50 Analyzer

Unyvero System - A50 Analyzer

Performs nucleic acid testing, random-access, multiplex PCR

C8 Cockpit

Unyvero System - C8 Cockpit

Manages the testing process, displays and stores results

L4 Lysator

Unyvero System - L4 Lysator

Lyses and processes a variety of native samples

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